Neo-Bechstein Grand

Bechstein, Carl, Berlin 1931
Lender: Vienna Museum of Technology
Petrof, Königgrätz 1932
based on ideas by Walter Nernst et al.
143 x 150 x 93 cm, box 97 x 42 x 90 cm, ca. 190 kg
Wood, cast-iron frame, steel strings, telephone magnets, Telefunken radio, gramophone, semiconductor amplifier (addition)

Without a sounding board and extremely lightweight in construction, this baby grand uses a special mechanism design with “micro-hammers”. The sound is picked up by magnetic coils, five notes per coil. Playback requires a tube amplifier and a loudspeaker case placed separately. The sidewall of the piano contains a radio, and the loudspeaker case is fitted with a gramophone. It is thus a combined instrument, and a number of components can also be played together.