Ehrlich, Paul, Leipzig 1882
Lender: Vienna Museum of Technology
Made by Leipziger Musikwerke, previously under the name Paul Ehrlich, Leipzig 1896
42 x 42 x 24 cm, ca. 5 kg
Wood, metal, two bellows and a reservoir, crank mechanism with worm gear, press board perforated discs

The wind needed is generated by a crank mechanism driving two bellows alternately, and kept at a constant pressure by a reservoir. At the same time, the crank mechanism turns the disk using a worm gear, with a bracket pressing the disk downwards onto 24 levers. As the board turns, the levers come underneath the perforations and spring upwards into the hole. This opens the corresponding valve and allows the air to flow through the free reed (harmonica sound) behind the valve. One song lasts one turn of the board, in other words about 45 seconds.