Fairlight CMI
Fairlight Company (Peter Vogel, Kim Ryrie)
Main unit: 75 x 45 x 32 cm, ca. 40 kg
Keyboard: 122 x 43 x 8.5 cm,
Monitor: 49 x 38 x 34 cm, ca. 30 kg
Alphanumeric keyboard: 41 x 17 x 7 cm, ca. 3 kg
Metal, processors (Motorola 6800), 816 kB RAM audio cards, two floppy disks (8”), keyboard, alphanumeric keyboard, monitor with light pen

This eight-voice digital sampler and synthesizer with its analogue-digital converters (8 bit) and a sampling frequency of up to 24 kHz (later 30.2 kHz) can store and process audio data and generate sounds by means of additive synthesis. Operation is menu-controlled (either by light pen or alphanumeric keyboard). A total of 19 menu pages are available. The MCL (Musical Composition Language) programming language specially developed for this machine allows very complex compositions, while the Real Time Composer provides a pattern-based real-time sequencer with eight tracks and numerous editing functions.