Ondes Martenot

Martenot, Maurice, Paris 1928
Lender: Jean-Louis Martenot, Paris
Ondes Martenot
Société Ondes Musicales Martenot, Paris 1960
107 x 19 x 19 cm, ca. 20 kg
Wood, keyboard, draw-string with ring, tube generators, tube amplifiers, three loudspeakers

Video: Peter Donhauser about the Ondes Martenot

The ondes Martenot33 is based on the overlaying of two high-frequency oscillations and making the difference audible by means of an amplifier. The drawer operated with the left hand contains a controller to regulate the volume as well as buttons to control timbre and to transpose the pitch. The instrument can be played on the keyboard, while a draw-string allows glissandi. The instrument has a range of seven octaves. A special feature is the design of the loudspeakers, one being fitted with strings and one with metal platelets for resonance.