Moog, Robert, New York 1969
Lender: Eboardmuseum, Klagenfurt (Austria)
Model: D
New York 1979
73 x 44 x 30 cm, ca. 25 kg
Wood, metal, keyboard, voltage-controlled oscillators, low-pass filter, noise generator, amplifier, envelope generator, semi-conductor technology

The first portable analogue synthesizer for the stage has three voltage-controlled oscillators (one of which is frequently used as LFO), a noise generator for white and pink noise, a mixer, and a low-pass filter with adjustable resonance connected to a voltage-controlled amplifier. Filter and amplifier each have their own three-parameter envelope generator (attack, decay, sustain). External signals can be processed with the filter via the external input. Two modulation wheels can be used to regulate pitch and the degree of modulation respectively. Pitch, volume and filter can also be controlled using external (control voltage) inputs.