Tragbares Schorinophon

Schorin, Alexander F., Leningrad 1940
Lender: A.S. Popov Telekommunikationsmuseum, St. Petersburg
Tragbares Schorinophon
Leningrad 1941
29 x 36 x 18 cm, ca. 7 kg
Wood, cassette with filmstrips (12 mm), radio valve receiver, electric motor, tonearm with ruby needle

This portable device records sound on a 10 or 20 meter long strip (12 mm) of a (35 mm) cinema film in a cassette. An electrically driven hard ruby or corundum stylus cuts grooves into discarded cinema film used for reasons of economy. The film is driven by a stabilized electric motor, and the sound track is cut in a spiral. The pattern in the groove corresponds to the original sound waves. The 10 or 20 minute recordings were played back by replacing the stylus in the shorinophone with a ruby.