163 x 82 x 160 cm, ca. 250 kg
Wood, metal, keyboard, bandmanual, pedals, patch board, mixer, voltage controlled oscillator, low frequency oscillator, ring modulator, lopass filter, envelope generator, frequency divider, formant filter, tubes, transistors

Video: Wolfgang Musil about the Max Brand Synthesizer

Main module is a master oscillator with a frequency divider, the basic frequency of which can be changed using an external control voltage. The frequency divider generates four subharmonic vibrations, the volume shares of which can be regulated separately in three blocks by a matrix and can be accessed via the pedals. All the modules are provided twice in symmetrical arrangement, so that the machine is divided into an upper and lower manual. Available for the production of other sounds are: 901 B oscillator to generate the waveforms for the type of oscillation, modulation oscillator, envelope generator, low pass filter, high pass filter, ring modulator, noise generator, mixer, 902 voltage controlled amplifier.