Welte-Mignon Push-Up Player | Photo: Vienna Museum of Technology



Exhibition organised and curated by the IMA Institute of Media Archaeology
at the Kulturfabrik Hainburg
in co-operation with the Vienna Museum of Technology

One day the Emperor received a large package labeled “The Nightingale.” […] But it was not a book. In the box was a work of art, an artificial nightingale most like the real one except that it was encrusted with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. […] Thirty-three times it sang the selfsame song without tiring.

from “The Nightingale” by H.C. Andersen (1849)
English translation by Jean Hersholt

The exhibition MAGICAL SOUND MACHINES relates the (hi)stories of sound generators, sound recorders and sound transmitters. The extensive presentation will kiss awake ariston, mellotron, rhythmicon and many other, partly forgotten sound machines from their hundred-year sleep so that young and old, the general public and experts alike can experience and enjoy them on an interactive discovery tour.

MAGICAL SOUND MACHINES is an exhibition against oblivion. By means of the objects displayed the IMA Institute of Media Archaeology traces an exemplary history of our media age, with special attention being paid to technical as well as musical and artistic developments. The exhibited objects enchant with their (hi)stories, design and the visions connected to them and their inventors and users.


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